Adult fantasy baseball camps

Andrew Potter, author of says these camps are an especially big draw for "educated, white, middle-aged males" who fear being "too comfortable, too old, too unnecessary." Currently bringing in an estimated billion to billion annually, the industry, according to Miller, should continue to grow as the economy recovers and as more boomers approach retirement.

George Skakel wanted to do "something cool" with his teenage son one summer.

Twenty four major league baseball teams offer annual fantasy camps that are not only geared towards adults, but actually require attendees to be a minimum age, usually 25 or 30.

Additionally most fantasy camps allow for a reduced price a spouse or companion to come to the camp but not participate in the baseball exercises While most camp base their price on double occupancy hotels, you can usually upgrade to a single occupancy room for between 0 and 0 more.

Some camps also offer VIP packages, which typically involve more time and a golf outing with the former player.

c_id=atl Baltimore Orioles Fantasy Camp Where: Sarasota, Florida. Scheduled to appear: Johnny Bench, Eric Davis, Chris Sabo, Tom Browning Contact: 800-755-REDS Indians Fantasy Camp Where: Goodyear, Arizona. When: January How long: Eight days, seven nights Cost: ,800 first time, .400 veterans.

Lido Beach Resort Hotel When: January How long: Seven days six nights Cost: .299 Minimum age: 30 Special features: Airfare from Baltimore included. Scheduled to appear: Mike Bodicker, Rich Dempsey, Chris Hoiles, Boog Powell Contact: 410-547-6063 Fort Myers, Florida. When: January How long: Eight days, seven nights Cost: ,799 Minimum age: 30 Special features: Unlimited food and beverage happy hour every day. Hilton Garden Inn When: February How long: Eight days, seven nights Cost: ,600 first time, ,200 veterans Minimum age: 30 Special features: Certified umpires. Minimum age: 30 Special features: Daily camp newspaper. Scheduled to appear: Mike Hargrove, Corey Snyder, Pat Tabler, Mike Jackson Contact: 216-420-HITS Rockies Fantasy Camp Where: Scottsdale, Arizona.

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Pre camp golf tourney Scheduled to appear: Luis Tiant, Rich Gedman, Trot Nixon, Mike Timlin Contact: 617-226-6400 Cubs Fantasy Camp Where: Mesa, Arizona. Scottsdale Plaza Resort When: February How long: Cost: $4,350 Minimum age: 21 Special features: Airfare included.

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