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Such misdeeds can include simony, where one attempts to purchase or sell sacraments, including Holy Orders and, therefore, positions of authority in the Church hierarchy.

Roman writers like Horace extolled the value of virtue while listing and warning against vices.

In accordance with the words of Henry Edward Manning, the impurity of lust transforms one into "a slave of the devil".

"Lust is the ultimate goal of almost all human endeavour, exerts an adverse influence on the most important affairs, interrupts the most serious business, sometimes for a while confuses even the greatest minds, does not hesitate with its trumpery to disrupt the negotiations of statesmen and the research of scholars, has the knack of slipping its love-letters and ringlets even into ministerial portfolios and philosophical manuscripts".

Sloth has also been defined as a failure to do things that one should do.

By this definition, evil exists when "good" people fail to act.

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