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Often described in biographies as a man of integrity and a scholar of dignified character, when viewed through the lens of the county court files, Wolcott was an incompetent sheriff who allowed the vagrant thief Joseph Negro to escape from jail in 1754. Wolcott was also sued by a neighbor for his cruel and tyrannical treatment of Wolcott's servant Lidia Collis.

The girl had fled to the neighbors for protection only to be dragged home by her master.

Osborn, who was an outspoken Republican, was arrested and tried by the State for libel for his writing about the conduct of Judge Julius Deming at the September 1805 election in Litchfield.

Republicans demonstrated outside the prison while Osborn was jailed, and Stiles Nichols, publisher of the Republican Farmer newspaper of Danbury, accused Litchfield Sheriff John Landon of mistreating Osborn and violating his rights while in Landon's care.

Owing in part to the operation of the court, the town of Litchfield became the center of the county's economy, as lawyers, judges, and businessmen gathered there for several days three times a year to conduct business.

The town was also home to the Litchfield Law School, established by Judge Tapping Reeve in 1784.

While the records relating to each file vary by case, common documents include writs, summonses, motions filed by the parties, jury verdicts, and statements of court costs. Included after the run of Files are two boxes of Discontinuances, e.g. Wolcott served in a number of positions during and after the Revolutionary War, including Commissioner of Indian Affairs.Files hold the most detailed information available on a particular case.Files usually contain a summons or writ, a document that contains a variety of other useful information, and often one or more additional documents, such as a debt by note, debt by bond, a list of book debts, depositions and/or testimony of witnesses, pleadings by lawyers, power of attorney, an accounting of court costs, and occasionally summonses for witnesses and a copy of the jury verdict.During the 1818 state Constitutional Convention, he supported increased suffrage and the disestablishment of the Congregational Church.With his brother, Frederick Wolcott, (clerk of Litchfield's County and Superior courts), Oliver Jr. An 1827 attachment filed by Phoenix Bank against Oliver Jr.

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