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Countdown to @danish ETI #bestseller #Aalborg university #3F & @ethicaltrade launch of #Danida market #development #partnership in #Myanmar.

Focus on #productivity #socialdialogue & #workerconditions in the #garment industry #SDGs #human & #labourrights Ze GQo50e1 @Elin Agdestein fra @hoyre sier det er et stort fremskritt og årets julegave å fjerne krav om årsmelding og dermed all rapportering på samfunnsansvar for SMEs.

IMHO when we look at Karachi and highlight at all the nationalities, ethnicities and races which are there, ofcourse we should know that Karachi girls represent the whole sub continent in this little part of Pakistan.

Its therefore my conclusion that Karachi girls are ofcourse the most beautiful (you can call them 'sexy' if you want) owing to the fact that they represent such a vast area and culture of the whole subcontinent of south Asia .....

Pathan girls and also afghani girls/women are much more beautiful but ofcourse you know they are also hidden behind veils and hold.

Balochi girls, like Sindhi and Pathan girls, are not seen in any walk of life mostly. This leaves us Karachi where girls from all Pakistan exist because it is such a cosmopolitan and multi - faith and multi - ethnic city, you have mohajir girls who are from all the immigrant families from India, rajasthan, Maharashtra, UP, Behari, dehli-walay, bengali, gujrati etc etc.

Velkommen @nikolaiastrup #Utviklingsminister Trengs Vi er spesielt glade for "Bidra til næringsutvikling og jobbskaping i lavinntektsland" i #regjeringsplattform og ber regjeringen huske at handel er en viktig del av dette.I found Blind Spot something of a revelation: I saw new life and new civilizations, and boldly went where no man had gone before.Way cool.” — Chris Bell, Daniel Christensen, Chris Comte, Meghan Darling, John De Shazo, Ciara Griffin, Allie Hankins, Sandy Kopriva, Todd Kopriva, Jem Lewis, Gary Menendez, David Roby, Matt Shannon, Suja Hart, David Otten, and Kristina Volkman 14/48, Wendy and Marc Barrington, Ruth Baugh, David Baum, Lyssa Browne, Nicholas Carey, Stanley and Arlene Cohen, Chris Comte, John De Shazo, Eglantine, Ilene Fins, Anne Fitzgerald, Ted Ford, Susan Freccia, the Katz Foundation, Nebunele Theatre, Alan Pruzan, Brandon Simmons, Crispin Spaeth, Roy Stanton, Alia Swersky, Theater Schmeater, theater simple (Llysa Holland and Andrew Litzky), Sulo Turner Tags: Alissa Mortenson, Allie Hankins, Allison Lizott, Amber Zipperer, Ashley Born, Bret Fetzer, Brian Christian, Chris Bell, Chris Comte, Ciara Griffin, Daniel Christensen, David Otten, David Roby, Ellie Mc Kay, Gabby, Gary Menendez, Jem Lewis, Jen Moon, Jennifer Pratt, Joe Feeney, John Bianchi, John De Shazo, Juliet Waller Pruzan, K. Blant annet rundt rapportering, audits, og [email protected]_NCP_Norway @Frode Elgesem @markusnilsen The @ilo flagship report, World Employment and Social Outlook – Trends 2018 highlights the challenges for the coming year in jobs and the labour market and looks at global and regional employment trends. BREAKING European Parliament votes to end the use of #palmoil for #biofuels: that's a 46% reduction of European palmoil consumption. Xxmn5EEu New report on Thailand’s fishing fleets - forced labour and other rights abuses despite government commitments to comprehensive reforms, according to @hrw The report: Hidden Chains: Forced Labour and Rights Abuses in Thailand’s Fishing Industry. Vi krysser fingrene for at det stemmer at vi får en utviklingsminister!

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