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I ll give you some tips, tricks, and advice, point you in the right direction s for you to do your homework, and provide you with some generic information about Yamaha Acoustic guitars.

The second useful link is a multi-page informational brochure produced by Yamaha in thier downloadable Product Catalogs section. Thay have very little information on the guitars Yamaha produced in Japan, for Japan, prior to export.

All these are red labels built in Nippon Gakki, and are supposedly better then the other later labels.

But, I m seeing more 180 s sell for higher amounts than the obviously better FG-300.

Even junk ones are bringing relatively big dollars.

In that same time period, Yamaha produced the FG-75 with an MSR of 109.50, the FG-110 at 99.50, the FG-140 at 95.00, the FG-150 at 129.00, the FG-180 at 130.00, and the FG-300 at 365.00.

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