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One such prank included the superglue chair prank, which was one of Megan's signature pranks throughout season 2.However, Josh has grown accustomed to how Megan behaves, and his attitude towards Megan has significantly changed by season 4.He is portrayed to be a fun and caring step-brother to Drake, and is often Drake's scapegoat when it comes to getting into trouble.Although he is often known as the 'responsible' part of the relationship, Drake unintentionally pulls Josh into trouble, which Josh does not like.Josh has a knack for dancing and music, although he doesn't tend to embrace it.His rendition of Soul Man for the Belleview Talent Show at the Premiere, along with Drake and his band, won the Talent Show, highlights his talent for dancing, shown in the episode, Blues Brothers.An example of this is the episode, Megan's Revenge.After stunning Megan's hamster, Josh fears the snap might have killed the hamster, rather than merely stun it.

Nichols (mother)Audrey Parker-Nichols (step-mother)Drake Parker (step-brother)Megan Parker (step-sister)Grammy Nichols (grandmother)Papa Nichols (great-grandfather) Catherine Nichols (great-aunt) Joshua "Josh" Nichols (portrayed by Josh Peck) is one of the main protagonists in the show, Drake & Josh.

I know loads more about josh peck i watch drake and josh evrey day but if this is not enough information please inprove.

Last weekend, Josh Peck married his longtime girlfriend Paige O'Brien in a small ceremony he shared on Instagram. I'll miss you brotha."Now, Josh is apparently pretty hurt by Drake's tweets."At Josh's wedding this weekend some guests were asking Josh Peck where Drake was," an insider close to Josh told Us Weekly.

Especially pivotal in the second season, Josh also has a dark side.

His constant victimisation is influential to how he responds to Megan, and he is often oblivious to her surroundings, which allows Megan to pick off Josh easily.

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