Females wanting to chat dirty

But most of the types of people who talk in such a manner are simply seeking attention.

When they get no response they will usually move on.

In all this time I’ve only encountered one “Dirty Man” but I’ve seen more than my fill of “Dirty Ladies.” My husband, who also plays on Pogo, has been hunted, chased, tormented, harangued and followed because of his player name by women who either assume that because of his player name he is a filthy old man or for whatever reason assume he’s so well endowed that they have to just have him.

Case in point one “lady” who, even though she knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that my husband is married (his profile as well as mine emphatically state that we are married to each other and happily), chased him for 6 months making every attempt to convince him to leave me and our family for her.

Take note of how the next letter-writer brings to light the fact that there are “dirty women” too, without resorting to accusations of sexism. Nettie, Let me first say that I think you and all others who work at Pogo do an excellent job at keeping those of us who play on a daily basis entertained! I’ve been reading the letters about “Dirty Men” for weeks if not for months now and it occurred to me that there is a side of the coin that has not been addressed as of yet. Believe me there are quite a few females on Pogo who are/have/will continue to “Hunt, chase, harangue and or attempt to break up marriages/engagements etc without so much as a thought to the damage they can do and little if no remorse for the events.

As you can see by my name I am a female, I am married and have been a member of Pogo since the 90’s (although I have changed my player name since then) and a paying Club member since 2003.

It’s really shameful that you can’t tell the truth about Pogo and ALL of the dirty people. No doubt, but I was responding to directly to her specific situation.

Should I have mentioned that there are ‘dirty women’ too?

While the thought of having a less-than-respectful player end up being shocked by being on the other end of the phone with the police (or whoever) may be mildly amusing, it is in reality -as you say – both disrespectful and irresponsible to the person or department that owns the number.With the ability now to go online and do a search of the number and get the address of that person. The best advice is to either ignore the attention seeking person (male or female) or mute them.If the talk is salacious enough to be a Terms of Service offense, then report them.One person in particular was so “snowed” by this lady that they sent her a money order for a large sum of money!No repayment was ever made although it was promised and I doubt that it ever will be.

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Probably for balance, yes, but it didn’t occur to me at the time.

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