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He makes her workout 90 minutes in a day, which mostly includes cardio and stretching exercises. When she doesn’t get much time to go to a gym, Gabrielle exercises in her trailer or at home, where she tries to do a circuit (tries to complete that in 2 minutes) which includes 20 jumping jacks, running in a place for 30 seconds, 10 push ups, 10 sit ups, 15 curls and 15 squats. Professional athletes are some of the most famous, wealthy and attractive individuals on the planet.At -13.06, the NBA possesses the lowest average breakup score in the study.This is definitely one of the highest-profile NBA relationships in recent memory.Scouring the internet, we collected information on 108 athlete/celebrity relationships, some dating back to the mid-to-late 90’s.We then analyzed the athletes’ stats before, during and after those relationships to answer the question: “Do Celebrity Girlfriends Improve Athlete Performance?

Average Relationship Score: 38.88 Average Breakup Score: 46.74 Metrics Used for Calculation: Position Specific The NFL benefits from relationships in a big way. On average, the total change in production is a whopping 71.6%.

These two got together in 2010, right when Humphries started his tenure with the Nets.

His career prior to the relationship was mediocre at best.

Post divorce, Humphries’ production didn’t tank, but it definitely decreased.

A -28.24 breakup score is not something to celebrate.

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” You’ll find the results below, as well as the top ten celebrities most beneficial (and detrimental) to athlete performance. It is always fun to speculate about whether or not an athlete’s in-game performance is affected by the existence of a significant other.

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