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As he looked at me in complete shock and concern I panicked and for some reason said that Chinese food made me really emotional.I didn’t get a second date.""One guy spent the first half hour of our first date telling me in gruesome detail about the root canal he had had that week.I could barely keep my drink down.""On a first date, a guy once asked me 'so have you ever wondered where you might like to go on your hen do?’, as well as, ‘do you have any pictures of you as a baby?Never explained and just so, so bad."*flirty face* “Funny you should say that, as people say I look just like Matt Damon.”(Doesn’t look like Matt Damon.)""I was out to dinner with a guy and my contact lense started rubbing and stinging really badly.

Online dating is a fairly new way to procreate, or way to go out and have one night stands and accidentally procreate, but it is hardly a weird thing to do anymore.It was horrendously awkward to say the least.""When a guy came to pick me up from my house once my dad came outside and said ‘Oh so you’re Henry right?I’ve heard a lot of good things about you.’ My date replied with a stoney face ‘no actually, I’m George.’""After going on a couple of dates with this seemingly ‘normal’ guy, on the third or fourth date he started asking me how much I liked him on a scale from ‘one to penguin’. He then went on to ask the same question using at least 15 other animals and wouldn’t give up until I answered.' and 'not the best looking guy you've dated is he?' It would have been fine if my ex date hadn't been funny - but he really was, so as everyone ripped into laughter around us I had to contain my big belly laughs, while my now date sat there with a face like thunder!

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