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In other words, it's not what or who you believe in, but striving to keep positive thoughts and living in a place of gratitude that will change your perspective and ultimately your life.Try it for one week and see/feel the you have to lose. " "I am so grateful for Lee and the unconditional love he has given me.There is so much to be grateful for and I appreciate the daily reminders. Thank you heavenly Father for the life that I have! The universe is ours, just reach out let it reign over you." "For my dog, who waits at the door literally smiling when I come home.Thank you for opportunities which abound around me as I feel rich in abundance..for assistance in keeping me humble when necessary and for teaching me to accept, allow and let go of what is necessary. I want mine to be as happy,feisty,a little boredom I guess,someone who can be trusted and of help to others as long as I can! For the stars at the sky, which remind me that we are all one.And even the separation from God at times, which I guess plays a part, in failing to remember and know that he has my back and everything will be ok, but according to his plan, and not mine.So I shouldn't worry, just keep on giving out love, kindness and all that i am, and have to offer...I love him for who he is and he is a blessing in my life.I'm grateful for my career and my talents and my mind and my body and for everything I have learned over the years - no matter how difficult it was at the time.

I wish to thank you for the many wonderful blessings you have given me....

I'm blessed because I'm able to help those who need it." "Im so grateful that i have a wonderful person in my life who tales care of me and makes sure that i dont travel on my own especially when i don t feel to always takes me to and from work i am so grateful" "I'm so grateful because now in the middle of the solitary night, I happened to realize suddenly how much love, affection and friendship life has showered on me. Thank you for my health and my life, what I have is not fancy and bold and outrageous but its what i have worked for and it is exactly where I need to be right now.

It's an overwhelming feeling, when you forget your complaints, to discover what good memories you've gathered, how much love you're credited with. Thank you for what I have - I will not look at what I think I dont have because what I do have is more than enough!

I need to focus on what is good and healthy and what makes me happy. This world is so big and has so many lives and souls and energy - tap into that good energy and be the best person you can be as often as you can! I'm so, so grateful for money and business success and for being so involved in music and going further and further on that path in a successful way.

I'm so grateful for the good things in my life and good health. I'm grateful for being loved by my partner and friends." "Thank you, Father, for those around me, who always have something new for me to learn from. Everyone must experience their own ah-ha moment of gratitude in order to move beyond the negative feelings and thoughts.

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Love you, life and all who make it." "There are currently no grateful comments. " "Today started off on a very bad note - I was selfish and self centered and I upset the person that I care about and love.

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