My boyfriend is looking at dating sites

He says he's never contacted anyone on them and doesn't know why he's done it and is begging for my forgiveness!! I know one of them was joined a week ago and one has been active since November, I can't find proof of any messages or anything before November.We have been together over a year and have no children together but have plans to marry.” If it’s not a free site, wink at him or use whatever free communication the site offers.The point is to get him to recognize that you have a profile as well and hopefully this will help him realize that it doesn’t feel good when the person you’re dating is putting themselves out there in a singles community.Some people who use dating sites to find a romantic partner say they keep their profiles open for finding “friends.” Whether this is something you’re comfortable with or not is a topic of discussion between you and your partner. If you know for sure your boyfriend is actively talking to women on dating sites, but he does not admit it, use these tips to get him to spill the “secret.” At this point, though, you may want to reconsider your relationship with this person because they seem like a chronic liar. The early stages of a relationship are murky seas to navigate.You and the person you’re dating have expectations that sometimes don’t get talked about or brought up until much later in the relationship.Assuming you’re still in the early stages of your relationship, this is a delicate situation.

If you’re not comfortable asking him to stop, I have one other recommendation.If you’re a woman who has found herself in this situation, I think you have a problem on your hands. He’s looking to meet or talk to women for some other reason I’ve not thought of. First, I think you need to take serious consideration in the fact that he’s not as committed to your relationship as he should be.It may not mean he’s cheating but I do think it means he’s not taking the relationship as seriously as he should be. This doesn’t mean that he’s going to cheat on you or break up immediately but it can’t be seen as a good thing.These are a few common scenarios: A friend: Your friend who’s active on dating sites came across your boyfriend’s profile and told you about it.By chance: You were on his laptop and happened to see that a dating site was on his “most visited” list.

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