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There is a dispensation though that allows a woman to expose her face and hands, e.g.when asking for her hand in marriage, because it is the centre of beauty.Those Muslim women who observe the niqab, wear it in public areas and in front of non-mahram (non-related) men.The face veil pre-dates Islam, and had been used by certain Arabian pre-Islamic cultures.There is a difference of opinion and interpretations amongst scholars in Islam as to the permissibility of covering the face.These fall into three different general interpretations, one held by a majority and two held by a minority.‎ niqāb, "[face] veil"; also called a ruband) is a garment of clothing that covers the face which is worn by a small minority of Muslim women as a part of a particular interpretation of hijab ("modesty").According to the majority of Muslim scholars and Islamic schools of thought, the niqab is not a requirement of Islam; however a minority of Muslim scholars assert that in their view the niqab is required, especially in the Hanbali Muslim faith tradition.

Tantawy's decision stems from his views that younger Muslims have lost touch with traditional Islamic scholarship and have come under the influence of imams from the Salafi (Wahhabi) branch in Saudi Arabia.Because of the wide variety of hijab worn in the Muslim world, it can be difficult to definitively distinguish between one type of face veil and another.The terms niqab and burqa are often incorrectly used interchangeably; a niqab covers the face (but not the eyes) while a burqa covers the whole body from the top of the head to the ground, with a cloth grille in the hood to allow the wearer to see in front of her.According to the rulings of mainstream Sunni Islam, nothing at all is mentioned of niqab in the Qur'an.Moreover, even in some Hadith, it is clearly stated that the Prophet Muhammad himself taught women, in the example of his companion Abu Bakr's daughter Asma' bint Abu Bakr, that they need not veil (niqab) neither their face nor their hands: #×# rewrite!!

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