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Online CPE courses from Master CPE are fast, convenient and affordable.Choose below from a wide selection of CPA continuing education courses to quickly complete your CPE requirements.This course covers the accounting, reporting, and disclosures associated with changes in accounting principles (method), estimates, and reporting entities as stipulated in ASC 250-10-05, Accounting Changes and Error Corrections: Overall.A derivative is a financial instrument or other contract that derives its value from the movement of prices, interest rates, or exchange rates associated with an underlying item.Uncertainty about the future fair value of assets and liabilities or about future cash flows exposes firms to risk.

Companies have different motivations for investing in securities issued by other companies. Another motivation for investing (in equity securities) is to secure certain operating or financing arrangements with another company.Earnings per share (EPS) is a popular and useful summary measure of a company's profit performance.It tells you how much profit (or loss) each share of common stock has earned after adjustments for potential dilution from options, warrants, and convertible securities are factored in.Any type of equipment can be leased, such as railcars, helicopters, bulldozers, barges, CT scanners, computers, and so on.The largest group of leased equipment involves information technology equipment, followed by assets in the transportation area (trucks, aircraft, rail), and then construction and agriculture.

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