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Even if Toys “R” Us were to enter corporate restructuring, it wouldn’t necessarily cease to exist. S&P has said that while the chance of a broad restructuring has increased, that isn’t the agency’s current lead scenario.For example, Payless Shoe Source, another struggling retailer, recently emerged from bankruptcy after slashing its U. WATCH: Canadian cities eager to bid for Amazon’s new HQ The first tranche of 2018 debt securities doesn’t come due until May 2018, which should give the retailer some breathing room.Penny-pinching parents are also increasingly turning to Walmart for deals on anything from baby essentials to blockbuster toys.And both Amazon and Walmart are wading into voice-activated shopping, which will likely be particularly appealing to parents of very small children, said Levy.When Toys R Us filed for bankruptcy protection last month, retail juggernauts like Walmart and Amazon were cited as the reasons behind the company’s woes.Now, in efforts to try and attract more customers to its shops and add a technological edge like its competitors, Toys R Us has released an AR app that lets users interact with its stores.Play Chaser is free and being tested in 23 stores across the US starting today, with plans to roll out to all stores by October 21st.X Asked by Global News to comment on the CNBC report, Toys “R” Us said it is “evaluating a range of alternatives to address our 2018 debt maturities.”“We expect to provide an update about these activities, as well as the many initiatives underway to provide an outstanding customer experience in our global retail locations and webstore during the holiday season, during our second quarter earnings call on September 26,” the company also said in an email statement.

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READ MORE: Amazon to cut Whole Foods prices, including in Canada, on Monday Moms and dads fumbling with baby bottles and diaper changes will likely be quick to embrace the option of restocking on things like nappies and baby wipes hands-free, by simply asking digital assistants like Amazon’s Alexa to place a new order, he added.

Among such heated competition, Toys “R” Us’ current store presence across Canada “might be difficult to sustain,” said Levy.

Players can earn in-app currency (called stars) by completing quests and games.

They can also compete with other players locally, or nationally in some games, via an in-app leaderboard that tracks scores.

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And although Amazon has taken the lead as far as e-commerce goes, Toys “R” Us is holding up at No.2 in that category, too.

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