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Jie pažada našlaičiams saldų ir turtingą gyvenimą saulėtoje...

Maniakas įkūrė internetinį puslapį, kuriame gyvai transliuoja žiaurias egzekucijas.

SCP/RAC operates in support of two international treaties: the Stockholm Convention[1], an international agreement involving 180 countries to fight against the generation of persistent organic pollutants, highly polluting and toxic substances; and the Barcelona Convention[2], which brings together the 21 Mediterranean neighbouring countries[3] to work together for the protection of the common environment and for sustainable development.

The Centre, established since 1996, is based in Barcelona and it is hosted by the Catalan Waste Agency, a reference institution for waste prevention and circular economy.

Filmų „300" ir „Stebėtojų lyga" režisierius Zackas Snyderis bei „Tamsos riterio" trilogijos ir „Pradžios" autorius Christopheris Nolanas, šios juostos scenarijaus...

Kuo daugiau lankytojų sulaukia jo svetainė, tuo žiauriau kankinama... Ji gyvena nuostabiame name, augina žavų sūnelį, turi mylintį vyrą.

The Regional Activity Centre for Sustainable Consumption and Production (hereinafter SCP/RAC) is a centre for international cooperation on development and innovation based on the sustainable consumption and production approach (hereinafter SCP).

SCP is the combination of the implementation of tools and measures geared towards redesigning how goods and services are consumed and produced to drive industrial and socioeconomic development towards circular economies that are non-polluting, no-waste, low-carbon, resource-efficient and socially inclusive.

The fight against toxic chemicals and especially POPs is the core objective of the Stockholm Convention and is one of the priorities to protect the Mediterranean environment through the Barcelona Convention.

In that context, countries of both conventions share the same concern on the important role played by plastics in the marine environment in the global transport of toxic chemicals.

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