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The residential school system in the United States and Canada continued into the 1970s and destroyed the social fabric of aboriginal society by keeping children from their parents and subjecting many of them to physical and sexual abuse.

Aboriginal women also bear the brunt of an ongoing cycle of violence.

According to Campeau, dozens of unsolved cases involving missing or murdered aboriginal women are being investigated nationwide, and “countless” others are never investigated because the victims led transient lives.

Pickton’s upcoming trial will be highly scrutinized in light of recent revelations in the case of former British Columbia provincial court judge David Ramsay, who pled guilty last month to sexually abusing four aboriginal women, three of whom were minors. NWAC President Kukdookaa Terri Brown told the Inter Press Service that indigenous women the world over often fall victim to violence because they are marginalized in every nation.

Of the total 22 bodies found on Pickton’s pig farm, as many as half are thought to be aboriginal women.

Pickton appeared in court on June 28, where the Canadian government and the defense agreed that a trial date should not be set until December 20.

“Indigenous women are taken to cities to work; they are promised jobs but they end up in prostitution,” she said.

I’ve been doing nothing for two solid years but talking about this problem, but we still need more exposure.” But even the disparities in media coverage take second place to disparities in the way such cases are handled by authorities.

According to a 1999 survey by Statistics Canada, 12.6 percent of Native women reported domestic abuse whereas only 3.5 percent of non-Natives did.

Three times as many Native women reported being threatened, five times as many reported sexual assault, and seven times as many reported physical abuse.

Perhaps worst of all is public indifference to the missing and murdered women.

“It is appalling that these issues do not matter to the larger community just because the victims are Aboriginal women,” writes Denise Cook, a member of the NWAC Youth Council.

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According to Brown, there are “two layers of justice, one for non-Aboriginal people and one for Aboriginal people.” Amnesty International said that police have sometimes responded with thorough investigations of missing persons reports, but that family members of missing aboriginal women are far too often left in the dark about what, if anything, is being done to find them.

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