Sex-filled lesbian flash webcomic

No wonder the New 52’s readership is overwhelming male.

It’s kind of hard to have representations of LGB people when they aren’t represented at all.

For the most part, comic book fans are so very predictable when it comes to race. They go straight for yelling, tweeting racist comments at the crew, generally acting as if it’s their right to be over-represented in comics and related media.

Nothing pisses comic fans off more than a historically white character being racebent and therefore turned into a character of color or when a character of color takes over a legacy title (Like Superman, Spider-Man, or Ms. The outcry is so very funny because when whitewashing in comics happens (like with Christopher Nolan’s heinous casting in his Batman trilogy), they’re the first people to say that it’s not a big deal. They throw around words like “iconic” and call for “canonical accuracy”.

Seriously, do you know how pleased I was to see Helena B back in action but as a Black woman? One of the comics forums, I don’t remember which because it’s been months, had a thread about the new series right when it came out and the panels with Helena came surrounded by disgusting comments about Black women from white and/or male nerds. So called “fans” of the Barry/Iris relationship call for Iris’s death on a regular basis.

They tweet to the cast and crew asking when she’s going to die.

When Miles Morales was first announced as the replacement Spider-Man in the Ultimates universe of Marvel – a Universe that was popular but not like Spider-Man.

Now that the lecture is over, I’d like to share my quantitative six months results, starting with the Justice League! 2010 Census Data and “How Many People are Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender? The results for race have been slightly skewed by the addition of a N/A category.It’s wrong of current creators and casting people to shake things up a smidge by casting, writing, or drawning one or two actors of color in a role that counts as racebending.Never mind that characters and actors of color get a lot less page and screen time than white characters and actors.They constantly talk about how the white versions of the character being racebent is the one from their childhood, never once thinking that maybe people of color would like to be represented for a second.The idea of racebending scares them because finally, people of color can see themselves in roles and they can be powerful heroes, but of course, we’re not going to get anyone outright admitting that it’s their fear and their racism that drives them. They couch their dislike in coded language and long-winded essays about how it’s “disrespectful” to the original comic creators to give people of color representation.

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Back in 2011/12, when DC fans found out that Helena Bertinelli was effectively dead in the DCn U, they were rightfully upset.

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