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First contacts are then usually made in writing, and usually kept on that “level” until a certain stage.

The next step might be to switch to a chat-room, or to talk on the phone, before a first meeting is finally arranged.

Surprisingly little information seems to suffice us humans when we are about to form an impression of others.Parts of the results complete the self-presentation profiles.Thus, depending on the diversity and depth of the factors assessed, these do of course substantially contribute the respective candidate’s self-presentation.The social information processing theory of computer-mediated communication (CMC) was the first of several theoretical models of interpersonal interaction online to explain how individuals and groups formed impressions and developed relational communication via text-based electronic communication.Prior to its introduction, the predominant theoretical approaches to CMC predicted that the relative lack of nonverbal cues in CMC compared with face-to-face (Ft F) communication would reduce the socioemotional quality of communication online.

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Thus, it seems that it was attractiveness information rather than media richness that enhanced desire for contact, confidence in, and clarity of the impression formed.

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