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An ever present companion since she walked out of that front door three weeks ago.' What if Kate is still there when Castle comes home? I'm ready to lose everything but you." An AU of sorts post-ep for 8x02, XX.Episode insert for 8x05, The Nose.[S8.] Part of him wants to turn to his side, as if Kate's still there, show her how cute it is, wheedle a little about the loft feeling quiet without Martha. The case had been solved, the killer caught and yet Richard Castle was staring out the window of his loft, delaying the inevitable for as long as possible. It's the quiet in the night that makes my mind make noises and guessing second times. This scenario had played out in her worst nightmares for years. What if the things that happened in Sleeper were a lie, made up to throw Castle off the track of whatever really happened those 2 months that he was missing?

You can also find my fics on Potions & Snitches and Archive of our Own under the same penname and you can download them from my Yahoo group!I have however uploaded them on a website I’ve just posted with my fanfiction work where you can read online or download a mobi, epub or pdf version of the stories.Check it out site is still on a beta version, so if you find any bugs let me know through a PM here on or Archive of our Own! "I'm fine," she promises him, the utter devastation claiming his face, drenching his eyes in startling grief she's seen before on a sunny day in a cemetery, worse than any bullet wound. It's just a graze." An alternate take on the party scene in 8x11, Dead Red."The best way to keep me safe, Kate, is to keep me close. 'Castle opens his mouth, determined to set the words free in this moment of solace with her, but the noise that escapes his throat is hoarse, raspy, silent. When she comes back to work, she finds that she has an unexpected rival. Complete."Yes, he is Richard Castle, a semi-famous mystery writer, and yes, he is standing in the waiting area of an animal hospital with his daughter's travel fish tank cradled in his arms." A Caskett Meeting AU/Job AU'The glimpse of her face, her smile illuminating his screen, causes his chest to burn, consumed by fire that chars his heart. Kate misses their anniversary dinner, choosing her investigation over Rick and he decides that maybe he should give her the space she is asking for - permanently. A story roughly prompted by tumblr's one-writer-girl: "Beckett tries to win them back."After 6x23, Beckett goes to sleep regretting all the time she lost with Castle. You have thrown us, away." She will attempt to repair the damage, but outside forces will complicate the task. " "You have a really nice booty." Kate gets her wisdom teeth out and while in the car she talks about Castle's butt the whole entire way to her apartment.Back to back, watching each other's six." Even while they're watching, they're racing to solve the puzzle of Lok Sat and Rick's lost summer. The next day Beckett wakes up and she's in the body of her 1x01 self. From a prompt on castlefanficprompts; rated for innuendo. 'He's silent beside her, quiet fury and disbelief radiating from the tense set of his frame.

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