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The set-up: Someone has summoned a demon who forces everyone to behave as if they were in a musical until some dance themselves to death; thinking it was Buffy’s sister Dawn, the demon has her kidnapped.

Spook factor: The whole set-up in the mysterious room is fairly spooky, but to create added chills, throw in a clown (everybody hates a clown), the screeching sound of bagpipes warming up, and a ballet dancer.

Ballet: A short contemporary sequence in which the girls dance out the life cycle of a butterfly.

Spook factor: It’s hard to say what’s creepier in this film; the school as a whole, Marion Cotillard’s ballet teacher who refuses to be separated from her ballet cardigan even at DIY cremation ceremonies, or the girls themselves.

Not suitable for little girls: On the sliding scale of stories about toys coming to life and how likely they are to traumatise your children, this probably falls somewhere between The set-up: In this surreal 2004 French drama, young girls arrive at school in a coffin and are prevented from escaping, but as soon as they hit puberty they are released out into the world of boys and clothing in colours other than white.

In between, they look after animals and do a lot of ballet.

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Not suitable for little girls: None of the film is, but the Sugarplum Fairy might make them particularly reluctant to go to ballet class.

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