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"The group's informal conversations lead to a more expansive view of life and deeper respect for those we live among.

That is surely a primary thought for all to keep in mind, whatever downturns occur and whatever our individual needs, that we constantly try to make life an ongoing celebration." Many others interviewed also expressed ways they intend to help Lubec and its neighbors, in this new year, meet the town's future of promise and fulfillment. State police report for the Quoddy area The report for state Police Troop J in- cludes the following incidents from the Quoddy area.

This year's contributions eclipsed last year's, with over ,400 collected during the event and more expected later.

The air temperature was a toasty 17F by midday, and the water temperature around 40 degrees. Rule photo) Lubec works to meet labor requirements by J. Rule "They're willing to sit down with us," said Lubec Town Administrator John Sutherland, updating the select board dur- ing the January 2 meeting on work to ad- dress issues raised by a recent Maine Department of Labor (DOLl inspection.

"It was operational when they gave it to us," Sutherland says.

On January 5 Trooper Andrew Foss re- sponded to a burglary complaint in Mach- iasport where jewelry was reported stolen.

Trooper Andrew Foss responded to a family fight complaint in Whiting.

In- dividuals in need of heating fuel assis- tance should contact Lubec Town Treasurer Randy Campbell. In the event of a water main break, "you can fill containers right here," Sutherland says.

"But more importantly, people in Lubec look out for each other.

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