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Apply validation on the from date and the to date parameter of SSRS.

(The From date should be less than the To date.)For this we need to go SSRS report (RDL file) where we need to implement the same validation.

For this I write simple VB code and place it in the custom code window.

Function Description Here you see I have written a function Check Date that accepts a Start Date and End Date parameter and checks the validation against these dates and returns a Boolean value true and false.

Note: If you use a parametrized Stored Procedure then there is no need to create a parameter in SSRS Reports.

The Is Valid Date parameter returns a value on the behalf of the function Check Date.

In the same way we need to validate the Todate parameter value.

For this we need to add a Text Box to the report and write a message that you want to show to users. Then we need to set the visibility of this Text Box.

Here I am only showing how to implement the validation in a report.

If you want to learn about SSRS report creation then go to this link: Here we see only validation using custom code.

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